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"I don't just make music to please the ears; I make music to please the soul." --Shari Clarke


Raised in a small South Georgia town, singer-songwriter SHARI CLARKE developed a passion for music at an early age.  She began performing on church stages at the age of four, and she began writing songs and composing music on her grandmother’s old piano at the age of eight. 


After studying abroad in France and graduating college with a degree in Philosophy and Rhetoric Communication, Shari settled in Atlanta, Georgia and made the decision to pursue music professionally.  Since then, this musical prodigy has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the music industry, including Grammy Award-winning engineers who have worked with great artists, such as Whitney Houston and Beyoncé. 


Shari’s musical style is a dynamic cross between pop, soul, and R&B with a hint of jazz, blues, and rock & roll influence.  Her sound is magnetic and captivating.  In her latest single, “Miss You”, Shari showcases her writing and vocal talent by delivering a beautiful, breathtaking ballad.  At first listen, you can feel Shari’s voice radiating throughout your body as it takes you on a musical journey that keeps you longing for more.  

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